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Enzymatic DNA synthesis:
Turning a lab concept into an industrial solution Part 2 - 50nt synthesis
DNA Script announces first milestone: successful enzymatic synthesis of 50nt strand of DNA.
The ability to write DNA efficiently is a key necessity for almost all applications in the life science industry. DNA synthesis enables the engineering of biological systems (enzymes, antibodies, bacteria, yeast, plants, cells, etc.) to create new applications, most notably in biotherapeutics, the production of chemicals and materials, agriculture or nanotechnology.

DNA Script is developing a novel enzymatic technology to synthesize DNA that will increase performance in strand length, purity, turnaround time and cost. This blog series reports key technological milestones — initially revealed at the GP-write Conference in May 2018 — which demonstrate the potential of enzymatic synthesis, even at this early phase in the development of our technology.

DNA Script reaches key performance milestone for enzymatic synthesis / Update on DNA Script performances and future milestones

Although enzymatic synthesis is still in its infancy, it is quickly catching up with phosphoramidite chemistry. Indeed, in less than 4 years, DNA Script has made tremendous progress, moving from an idea to the successful synthesis of real, functional DNA. This has been achieved thanks to the trust and support of private and public investors ($25M financing from Illumina Ventures, Merck Ventures, Sofinnova, Kurma, Idinvest, Bpifrance and the European Commission), but more importantly, thanks to a team of 30 people bringing a unique set of skills to the project.
DNA Script's achievements demonstrate the extremely quick pace of development, as well as the technology's promise:
● 2015: Synthesis of a codon (3-letter strand of DNA)
● 2016: 1st enzymatic synthesis of a 10-nucleotide-long strand of DNA
● 2017: 1st enzymatic synthesis of a 30nt strand of DNA
● 2018: 1st enzymatic synthesis of a 50nt strand of DNA
Fig. 1 - The oligo on the left has been synthesized in a fully automated fashion using our enzymatic technology; the one on the right comes from a traditional supplier using phosphoramidite chemistry
DNA Script's oligonucleotide is 50nt long, has a 65% purity (>99% per cycle) without purification
This result is a world first for enzymatic DNA synthesis and a significant milestone that shows that enzymatic DNA synthesis can compete with the traditional chemical method.

However, the technology is not ready for commercialization just yet. DNA Script's team is working on increasing the performance in length and purity at a fast pace, confident that our approach will go far beyond current standards of synthesis performance.

Next week: what is enzymatically made DNA used for?
JUNE, 12th 2018