Enzyme Purification Research Assistant

The company
DNA Script is a leading company in manufacturing de novo synthetic nucleic acids using an enzymatic technology. The company aims at accelerating innovation in life science and technology through quick, decentralized solutions for laboratory work in life science and genomics. DNA Script's approach leverages nature's billions of years of evolution in synthesizing DNA to set a new standard for how nucleic acids are made and accelerate the adoption of synthetic biology across diverse disciplines such as biopharma, sustainable chemistry and data storage.

To date, DNA Script has raised over 58 M€ of financing, mostly through equity funding brought by prestigious players such as Illumina Ventures, LSP, Merck Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, BPIFrance, Kurma Partners and Idinvest. The company partners with leading institutions, in particular Institut Pasteur.

We are looking to assemble a team of world class, innovative and passionate people gathering their talents and skills to achieve one goal: unlock the power of DNA to write the future of life sciences. We offer the opportunity to join a dynamic, international and highly skilled team in a high-performance biotech startup. We offer a competitive benefits package (salary, equity, healthcare, meal vouchers and public transportation) along with a unique opportunity to work in the heart of Paris.

The role
To support development and increasing request of enzymes, DNA Script is looking for an Enzyme Production Research Assistant. You will work in the protein purification team under the technical responsibility of a Down Stream Processing (DSP) engineer. You will be in charge of the weekly batch purification of enzymes and quality control validation before transfer to development teams. You will also take part in the optimization of the purification process.

• Responsible for DSP reagents stocks
• Perform all DSP steps required for protein purification (cell lysis, clarification, HPLC, concentration and aliquoting)
• Participate in the process optimization for future industrialization
• Validate enzyme batch quality through various internal quality control experiments
• Be in charge of equipment maintenance (Homogenizer, HPLC, TFF, ...)
• Analyze results during purification process
• Techniques used: chromatography, SDS-PAGE, qPCR, ...
• Guarantee quality of the results in accordance with laboratory protocols and knowledge of GLP

Qualifications and experience
• Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry
• At least 1 year of experience in laboratory work
• Experience with AKTA systems and UNICORN software
• Highly motivated and proactive
• Good biochemistry knowledge
• Good organizational skills
• Capable of working independently and with accuracy
• Language: English or French (both appreciated)

• Job located in Kremlin-Bicêtre (Paris area)
• Start date: September 2019
Contact jl@dnascript.co