Surface chemist Engineer / Master

We are looking for engineer/masters in Surface Chemistry to extend our surface chemistry development team in providing innovative solid support for our technology.

The Company

DNA Script is a leading company in manufacturing de novo synthetic nucleic acids using an enzymatic technology. The company aims at accelerating innovation in life science and technology through rapid, affordable, and high-quality DNA synthesis. DNA Script's approach leverages nature's billions of years of evolution in synthesizing DNA to set a new standard for how nucleic acids are made and accelerate the adoption of synthetic biology across diverse disciplines such as biopharma, sustainable chemistry and data storage.
To date, DNA Script has raised over 20 M€ of financing, mostly through equity funding brought by leading investors such as Illumina Ventures, Merck Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, Kurma Partners and Idinvest. The company partners with leading institutions, in particular Institut Pasteur.

Position open at DNA Script
Surface chemistry is key in oligonucleotide synthesis, whatever the synthesis technology used. DNA Script is reinforcing its surface chemistry team in order to provide the surfaces adapted to its enzymatic technology.
The surface chemistry group is part of an interdisciplinary R&D team of 12 people and works in our state-of-the-art facility located at Institut Cochin, Paris. The surface chemist will help develop new innovative enzymatic methods for the synthesis of long, single-stranded DNA molecules by developing protocols for characterizing solid supports (beads or planar glass slides) and immobilizing biomolecules (nucleic acids and enzymes) to said supports. Characterization will consist in quantifying the density and the biological activity of the immobilized biomolecules with spectroscopic and chromatographic methods of analysis (dynamic light scattering, surface plasmon resonance, SEM, fluorescence, LC-MS..). He or she will be in charge of providing small and medium scale surface solid support to the synthesis group.

Must have
- Chemistry degree
- Fluent in English
- Strong record keeping skills
- Highly motivated & proactive
- Good organizational skills
- Team work

Preferred qualifications
- Engineer/masters in Surface science / polymer & colloid science / organic synthesis
- Prior experience coupling biomolecules to solid supports
- Knowledge of characterization methods applied to solid supports
Knowledge of purification techniques applied to biological reagents

We will be glas to receive your aplpication along with the usual supporting documents, which will be handled with upmost confidentiality.